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How to Earn?

Welcome to RL.Supply!

Here you can find helpful tips on how to earn more on our website!

Step 1. Pick any Offer Wall

Offer Walls can be found on the Earn page. All Offer Walls have unique offers that you can complete for coins! The most popular Offer Wall is AdGem! You can also check out Featured Offers which are located at the top of the Earn page which will direct you to offers completed by users!

Step 2. Pick an Offer

There are plenty of Offers to complete on Offer Walls. We recommend App Downloads for your device(s) as they can be completed quickly and pay you lots of coins! Surveys can also be completed for coins, make sure to enter consistent information to avoid getting blacklisted!

Step 3. Redeem Items!

Now that you got some coins check out the Store page to redeem some sweet Items, Credits and even Gift Cards! Be sure to join the Discord for any updates, restocks and more!


  • Check out the Featured Offers for Offers completed by other users.
  • Quests are a great way to Earn extra coins and even Coin Bonuses.
  • Share your Referral Link on the Referral page to earn coins from any friends you refer.
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